Erivan – the historical territory of Azerbaijan

This year marks 500 years of Erivan fortress, which was the heart of Erivan khanate and the symbol of his power.

In connection with the memorable date on the site put up a video on the Erivan fortress.

… Here is a picture of the famous Russian painter Franz Roubaud battle-pieces “Surrender Erivan fortress October 1, 1827.” Today it was beautiful fact of history, as captured Erivan fortress in its original form domed mosques and people in Eastern robes. It is an indisputable

The fortress was named after Khan Revangulu Revan and later Irevan. She became famous as a city of minarets. The castle was 8 mosque, 800 houses, and lived there only by Azerbaijanis. Wrote about it back in the 17th century French explorers Tavernier, Chardin, the 19th century – Russian archaeologist Uvarov, and others.Many of the documents indicate that the Armenians have lived on the outskirts of the khanate, and only went to the castle on the day-work.fact of belonging to Armenians of Erivan Fortress is not, as Muslims, rather Azerbaijanis. Prior to the formation of Erivan khanate in what is now Armenia has Chuhursaad – one of four beylyarbek’s of  Azerbaijani Safavi State. In 1504 Safavid Shah Ismail ordered his military commander Revangulu Khan to build a fort in the area. The fortress was built in the last 7 years on the rocky shore in south-eastern side of the river Zanghi. After 400 years the Armenians, settled on the ancient Azerbaijani lands that gave this river the name of Armenian Razdan.

Erivan fortress of Erivan khanate was the heart and symbol of his power. In the past 23 years, the Russian Empire could not take this fort. From 4 July to September 4, 1804 Erivan fortress was besieged by the imperial troops under the command of General Tsitsianov. But the governor of Erivan khanate Mohammed Khan Khan supported Kelbali Nakhchivan courageously resisted the enemy, was forced to lift the siege and Tsitsianov retreat.
September 25, 1808 8000th royal army under the command of Field Marshal Gudovich again attacked the fortress of Erivan. The governor Irevan Huseyngulu Khan and his brother Hasan Khan, the brilliant military prowess and organized the defense of the fortress in a brave battle fought off the Russian army. Seeing that the losses have reached thousands of people Gudovich ordered a retreat. Evidence of this are preserved in the reports of General and Field Marshal Tsitsianov Gudovich designed to Tsar Alexander the First.

In October 1827 under the comma

Despite the capture of the fortress of Erivan, the Russian army did not destroy it.Even after the abolition of the Khanate of the Armenian education area, and then the Erivan Province, the castle remained the heart of the city, its main attraction. It was only after the ancient Azerbaijani lands on was formed Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, began the total destruction of the fortress and medieval monuments of Azerbaijani architecture.nd of the siege of the fortress Paskevich moved already 12-strong army, armed with a powerful long-range guns. Thus, only after 23 years of Erivan fortress fell. And this was achieved only due to the significant superiority of Russian military equipment and manpower.

Pay attention! Their acts of vandalism Armenian nationalists artfully conceal Russia.All built on the ruins of Azerbaijani monuments, they call the Russian names. This became evident at the opening ceremony in October 2008, the area of ​​”Russia” in Yerevan. President Sargsyan acknowledged that the area of ​​Russia is built on the site of the fortress of Erivan, but tried to present as a monument to Azeri stronghold of Armenian-Russian relations! Telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev of the house in which to put a “Woe from Wit” S. Sargsyan conceal that we are talking about the Palace of Sardar Irevan khanate. On the Khan’s Palace luxury with a mirrored room, where guests Griboyedov and wrote enthusiastically about it!However, this palace razed to the ground, even though there exiled Decembrists show the first and only lifetime staging of “Woe from Wit.” And it is equally remarkable to record it on a plaque, and even more so to preserve this architectural masterpiece.

Armenians try armenianize Erivan fortress. But this is not a  fortress! It is destroyed by the Armenians. Why are they to the base of this monument is destroyed, if he really belonged to their stories? Why Armenians killed Sardar Palace, though logically it should be kept at least as a tribute to the patron of the Armenians – Griboyedov?After all, every nation cherishes such national landmarks as the apple of our eye.The answer is simple. Erivan fortress, palace had been deliberately destroyed by the Sardar just because their architecture is clearly displays the elements of the medieval architecture of Azerbaijan and they could not be presented as Armenian.They prevented the Armenians lie and rewrite history presented to his city.

Erivan fortress was pounding heart Erivan. And the Armenians massacred the heart.Today, Yerevan – is the Azerbaijani city of Erevan with a gaping bloody wound, instead of the heart. Erivan fortress, which has repeatedly withstood the onslaught of enemies, and none of them had been destroyed, was the victim of vandalism of Armenian nationalists unthinkable in Soviet times! Dear to us its majestic appearance, preserved on canvas Russian artist Franz Roubaud. We cherish its history. Because it’s ours. History and memory of the ancient Azerbaijani lands, Erivan khanate, to which the will of the Bolsheviks in November 1920 was established the Armenian SSR.

This year, Erivan fortress would have turned 500 years old. The memory of her beating us in the heart …


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